Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Just in Time Learning

I have always had mixed feelings about not sticking to the plan and when is the the time to just run with it and throw the planning out the window?

Well I did it! After 5 years!  I am always concerned about making sure that I can cover most areas of the curriculum everyday.  This is not an easy task and with inquiry and intergrated studies this has become easier.

While marking some of my kids books in the morning I saw a need to teach them show don't tell as they were still just listing the recount.  This is one of the most important skills for a level 4 writer which is what my class is aspiring to.  I model a few for them and then gave them a go.  They each shared there one back and as a class we had a go at re writing the ones that still were telling. 

The kids felt a great sense of success and as a teacher so did I.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing kids eyes light up when they get it!  We spent 2 hours that morning thrashing around sentences, sharing ideas and building vocabulary.  No we did not manage to do spelling or reading but this was powerful learning.

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