Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New Experiments in self-teaching

This clip evoked a range of different thoughts in my mind.  With the class that I have this year that thrives on new ideas and learning.  I reflected on this ‘if children have interest education happens.’  I agree with this statement 100% but one question I do have is; Can interest be sparked with students who are not interested when strong relationships are formed?  With the class that I have this year I would say yes but only if you can connect it to something that the student is already interested in.  Can this happen for all disinterested students?
I would argue that purpose serves as the driving factor for education to happen. As an adult you are most likely not to do something unless there is a reward at the end that affects your life or gives a positive emotion to others.  Currently our inquiry is on ‘communication’ would my students  traditional general care about this. No. However, tagging it to the motivation of winning a trip to Australia as part of a competition and sharing there knowledge with the world has become the driving force.

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