Monday, 11 February 2013

Teaching with Technology - Catherine Attard

1. What is the central area of this reading? Teachers test the apps to make sure that they are curriculum specific and meet student needs.  Tools for learning apps are more versatile as they can meet a range of learning needs and allow students to demonstrate what they are learning rather than just reinforcement.

2. What evidence has the author provided to support the evidence/concept?  There is no research based evidence.  But provided examples and reasoning why apps take 3 levels.
* Reinforcement game based, problem solving, Learning tools that can be transferred into any curriculum area.

3. Does this differ from your own thoughts and practises?  No this doesn't.  However, I think there is a need to use game reinforcement. I think I need to spend more time on the learning tools to go over the curriculum. I need to make time on my CRT day to look through apps.

4          Can or will you transfer anything learned from this reading into your practice?  How? Yes I will be looking for some learning tools for the class ipods and ipad.  I am going to set aside the afternoon of my first CRT release to look at learning apps to incorporate into my class programme. 

5. What have you learned from this reading?  Points to Ponder?
That there is 3 levels of apps for teaching and learning.
Get creative to use tools for learning apps. 

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