Thursday, 14 March 2013

Setting Teacher Inquiry 2013

4 out of 16 students are achieving at stanine 5 or above.  With the highest stanine being 7.  I have targeted students who are currently achieving at stanine 4.  I am focusing on modelling as I feel that is my weakest area, especially for the strands.  I have changed my maths planning and I am now spending at least half a term on the strands and integrating number strategies along the way.  

For strand maths I am teaching whole class and pulling groups of students down.  Over the past few years I have been teaching in ability groups however, students who are well below have not even been given exposure to content.  So how are they expected to achieve?  My goal is to plug holes within and scaffold support to help students out.

My first step is to model using the Mimo so that students have ownership.  But also so I can print modelling sheets and glue it into 3 modelling books so students have access to the information.

I am also going to focus on breaking down the language of maths and what this means.

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