Tuesday, 8 May 2012

CPL - PD Day Developing focus for the Year

E-asttle tool to be implemented with the staff through staff meetings or team meetings.

Focuses for the day:

  • What do we want to achieve today?
  • Big Picture - working in school over day?
  • Set up Inquiry
  • Plan content staff meeting
  • Class observations
  • Self-regulation - Writing
  • Resources: Teaching Writing 1-3 Building strong foundation, Teaching Writing 4-6 Increasing Progress, Accelerating Writing Progress 7/8

Reading - Self Regulated Learning in Writing 
Empowering Students to Become Self-Regulating Writers: The Journey of One Class 
Verena Watson

Self regulated learners are able to identify their strengths and weakness.  How am I currently doing this?  Having reflection at the end of writing.  I need to make this a formal process where the kids will record their reflection.  

Explicit modelling and teaching in saturation is the key.  I know this works and does lead to student ownership.  Taking time to go through all the explicit features and then going back to looking  at creating a success criteria break down together.  I need to set up conferencing groups.

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