Monday, 16 July 2012

Writing Groups Day 1

Today I did it!!! Little hassle at all.  I think I found it more draining on me as it is intense teaching groups all morning.  Was it a success?  Hell yeah! All students were engaged focused and enjoyed writing.  One group worked on Kurpoof making digital movies using speech.  This was helpful as they were practising writing but given the settings and themes.  Another group worked on a story starter, When I looked down the toilet... this was really successful.  These students were my best writer but it gave me a better picture of where they were at.  I had several creative ones but others that rambled.  By allowing this group to share at the end it opened them to reflect on their writing.  My group I worked with need a lot of support and we will basically need to write together.  I need to come up with ways to get them to manipulate writing to see it in the view of the audience.

The one opportunity that I am going to make sure that I do at the end of writing is to share pieces and have self reflection time.

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