Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lynn Modelling Session 1

Bead lines 100 how many?
Decimal Knowledge
Working with the equipment to show the understanding.  Bead string worth 1 whole.  Show the fraction name and a decimal name.
Introduce the hundredths  1/100 0.01
0.12 12/100  the denominator is what we want from them. 
What is the point of the decimal point?  Explains what the whole numbers from the parts of the numbers.  Count forward in 10ths and backwards
Gave the kids three different things to make. 
14 tenths
Write them 3 ways
First fractions
14/10 + 6/10 + 15/10
1.4 + 0.6 + 1.5
Mixed numbers – more than one
1 4/10 + 6/10 + 1 5/10
Checks to see if they all know.  What did you do?  Use the bonds that we know.
Introduces the strategy:
What strategies do you know?
Place Value

Used the kids to make with the equipment.

4.3-3 + 0.05 =1.35

The next time we need to get them to record

5.4 - 2 + 0.04 = 3.44

Asked how many strategies should we teach? Try to keep it to a limited number.

Don't use place value if it not the best to teach them.  

2.95+ ? = 4.3
Using a number line to show reversibility. Make it as a little pile close together.  You can make it in 2 jumps.  

See if you can do 1 of those in your head.  
3.6-1.85 = 1.75

Bonds to 10 and bonds to 100 are the most important part of maths. 

At vertical algorithmic 
Kids move the equipment - correct the maths language 13 what with them.  


A builder has 6.6m plank of timber.  Draw some rectangular sandpit he could make.

Make it with the equipment and write the dimensions,    

What can you tell me about opposite sides of a rectangle? What are the corners in a rectangle?  What are they called?  

Make one side 0.95

How far is it half way round?  3.3 if one side has to be 0.95 

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