Friday, 11 April 2014

6 Powerful Steps to Strengths Based Performance

After feeling so inspired coming out to the AP/DP network I thought it is time to get a handle on my professional readings and I also had reflections on where I am at as a leader and there are few things that need to change.  

So when at Ulearn last year I heard a speaker talk about growing from the grass roots up.  I had yet done this and held a lot of the work load myself.  It was time to start sharing.  Knowledge is power but I do not need power in order to allow people to be inspired to want to follow me as a leader.  What have I done so far to share from the grass roots. I have shown T how to set up Easstle testing. She now sets up our reading.  I have also made her an administrator on our google set up so that she can set up users and change passwords etc.  Where to next share the knowledge further.  I am going to show J how to do the same.  With a new staff member coming on board it gives purpose.  It has taken me 6 months to action this.  I have now started to begin my steps....

I was also made aware of a book called 6 steps to strength based leadership.  I finally started reading it after the meeting.  Boy did ideas start following and did a light bulb ignite in my head.  I clicked to why I had thought about not wanting to be in education anymore and why my love of teaching had disappeared.   It was because I was not working towards my strengths.  I love IT and the engagement it sets up kids for and the spark they get out of their 200 YouTube views.  It empowers me to lead staff and see them get excited over now developing a personal passion to write and then blogging so their students want to read it.  It excites me that I am going to be getting release to work in classrooms and support teachers on how to use new tools.   

This excitement had not been possible until this year. Until our ratios of computers were back.  You can't effectively integrate iPads into your teaching when you only have one! I knew this.  This is why it hadn't worked.  People don't know what they don't know until they are exposed. My strengths were not being shared most of my day was about not using my strengths. I love my job again.  I am up at 5am blogging I am so excited.  Why?  My strengths are being used.

 I started reading the book.  To tell you the truth I am only through the first chapter.  But boy have I learnt a lot.  I need to unlock all my strengths in order to be the best I can be.  There will be other staff on our team that strengths are my weaknesses.  I don't need to worry about my weakness.  This doesn't mean I am not going to work on them.  No it means that they are no longer going to be a focus of my day or inquiry,  I will plug away at them but reality is I am only going to make small steps.  If I play to my strengths I am going to make huge steps forward and be more excited about the process.

How do I know?  Cause it has worked.  Over the past 10weeks I have set up our iPad cloud server.  Bloody hard job.  Learnt a lot.  Did it feel like work? Hell no!  I loved it.  I worked weekends, early mornings, late nights, I couldn't get enough.  How did I feel once it was completed over the moon.  My whole inquiry worked towards my strengths.  Now I want to get in and support my staff, inspire them to give it a go! Blend e-learning into their benefits and have their kids loving it as much as I do and my students.


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