Friday, 11 April 2014

AP/DP Network Meeting 1

What an exciting meeting.  It was great to re connect with others that I had in the past.  I feel like my passions have been reignited.  We were exposed to a tool that allows every voice to be heard in a room and allows for a joint buy in.

By using this tool I realised how sometimes my voice could over power others and it is important that everyone has a voice.  I feel that sometimes we don't have ownership and buy in from everyone and see this as a fantastic tool for allowing this to happen.

So here is the jest of the tool.

You start with a question or probe that you want to gain a joint understanding on.
Then you move around the circle in a clockwise direction.  Each person has the opportunity to contribute a succinct idea.  There is to be no discussion or questioning.  You are allowed to pass.  You continue this process until everyone passes in a round.  The facilitator must record the exact respond for each person.

Then you have an opportunity to ask for clarification on any point that you do not understand.  Once this process is done you then look through the list and if any two point are the same you can ask the people that contributed those points if they are the same.  They have to agree for the points to be the same other wise they can not be joined.

After this voting takes place.  Each personas 10 votes and there is 3 rounds.  People can only spend a maximum of 4 votes in each round.  How they choose to spend these is up to them.  From there you come up with your tops.  

This way everyone has had a chance to have a say and be heard. I saw the power of this tool to be used in so many different ways with staff, in the classroom, BOT, community consultation and many more.

So I tried it with my class.  I posed the question what contributes to effectively learning.  We came up with a list of 120. Then our top 5 were

1. iPads to support our learning
2. Enjoying what we learn
3. Manawa Card Goals
4. Kapa Haka
5. Fitness / having Aimee in the room two teachers

It was a powerful process and really allowed for the collection of student voice.

I can see myself using this tool often!

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