Thursday, 1 May 2014

Keynote Speaker - Dr Roberta Hunter Developing Mathematical Inquiry in a Learning Community

Maths is like a cobweb.  Not one strategy but lots of pieces that come together to learn maths. As a teacher your job is to sit outside on the edge of the cobweb not in the centre.

Word problems or problematic tasks are always used.  Plan for all the possible strategies that could come out to discuss it.  

Let the children read the problem.  Then let them facilitate the conversation. 

Explore the incorrect solutions the mistakes are leading towards the new ideas.

How often have we taught active listening? 
This could be where I am going wrong.  I haven't explicitly taught them how to active listen.  Next term I need to teach how to active listen and how to have the discussion.

Talk moves look into how to teach these.

Come up with a discussions criteria for success.  How do we work together in maths.  What counts as evidence? 

Celebrate when kids get it wrong because they took a risk.   3 levels of the same problem differenatited problems.  

Launch the problem correctly use the visualising strategy.  

Don't underline key words in maths.  It confuses the maths problem.    

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