Monday, 19 May 2014

Knowledge Data Reflection from Term 1

How did our students go?  Most students are working below expectation in knowledge.
Yr 8

  • 9 students at or above
  • 17 students 1 stage below
  • 5 students 2 stages below
  • 1 student 3 stages below
Yr 7
  • 3 Students at
  • 9 students 1 stage below
  • 10 students 2 stages below
  • 1 students 3 stages below
How do these results contribute to my overall understanding of my students needs?
These are highlighting the need to build knowledge within my students.  It is obvious when working with students the gaps in knowledge but also the lack of understanding the maths language. 

What are the implications for further teaching? 
Dedicate 10min each maths session to hotspot teaching of knowledge.  Refer to links within the unit plan so students connect to what we are teaching. 

What are the implication on the data for feedback to students?  
Students to set learning goals on what they need to learn in order to move to the next stage.  Highlight key areas of assessment for improvement.  

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